Nowe projekty - Citizens' Freedom, Aspirations, and the Future Shape of Democracy in Europe

Opis projektu

Typ projektu: A prospective study on solving topical problems in Europe merging social, technological and environmental aspects
Horyzont czasowy: 2035
Proponowane do zastosowania metody foresightu: Delphi survey, SWOTC analysis, focus groups, explorative scenario building

The project aims at investigating the reasons for discrepancy between the citizens aspirations and opportunities provided by the democratic institutions in the EU in the context of emerging challenges, opportunities and threats. It will propose measures to mitigate the decreasing participation in public life and foster citizens engagement in solving topical social problems via e-democracy tools. The Delphi survey will tackle the citizens attitudes towards the e-democracy, e-economy, and mechanisms allowing the citizens to influence the policy making during the inter-election periods. A comparison of citizens views on these matters, as expressed in the structured survey and the focus group debates performed in different EU countries, will reveal the citizens’ aspiration dynamics and their expectations as regards the EU-level policies and democratic system until 2035. These will also involve participants in SWOTC analyses. A needs assessment resulting from earlier foresight projects points out that the leading role of the EU-level policy to implement democratic innovations, specifically e-democracy and e-election systems assuring citizens empowerment through richer choice and scope of democratic decisions is of a particular importance to the citizens. Another major issue is the citizens wish to discuss the solutions to major global challenges to be implemented at the EU level. The prioritisation of those challenges may vary from country to country and this phenomenon will be investigated within the project, as well as the different priorities expressed by the anticipated time perspectives for their solutions. Specifically, finding the common citizens’ priorities may appear crucial to shape the EU-level democracy. The project performance will be based on the modern online multiround Delphi survey, designed according to best practices. The survey will be complemented by focus group debates in all Partner countries. The national results will be compared and discussed at the Final Conference.