Nowe projekty - Beneficial AI for Enhancing European Security

Opis projektu

Horyzont czasowy: 2023-2026
Proponowane do zastosowania metody foresightu: Anticipatory networks, Delphi, Scenarios, Rankings, Multicriteria analysis, AI evolution, Technological trend analysis

Artificial intelligence techniques today have great potential for the prediction and weak signal detection in emergencies globally due to the high availability of data on the Internet and other sources. Despite this great abundance of data, the difficulty of extracting patterns and trends in the evolution of emergencies at the EU level has become apparent. This is mainly due to three factors: information overload, difficulty in trusting information sources, and the lack of models to interpret these data holistically to effectively respond to emergencies or prevent them. Among many global and regional challenges that we need to prepare at the European level rather than locally are climate change and the related natural disasters, terrorism, and threats derived from artificial intelligence itself. In this context, artificial intelligence can help filter data and detect weak signals that allow decision-makers to act early enough for their actions to be effective. This is why it is essential to merge artificial intelligence techniques with strategic planning, providing thus added value to the security of EU societies. The AI forecasts need to be used to derive an optimal model of AI deployment for the good. The proposed project aims at building an AI evolution model and apply it to elicit most suitable AI tools to be implemented in the EU to ensure strategic security.