Chronicle of Foresight in Poland

6 May 1969

The creation of the Research and Forecasting Committee "Poland 2000" of the Polish Academy of Sciences - the first in Poland formally organized interdisciplinary committee discussion using the selected foresight methods to study the issues multivariate visions of the country future (now Committee "Poland 2000 Plus" at the Polish Academy of Sciences,


Publication of the "Fantasy and futurology" of Stanislaw Lem - synthetic, although from the perspective of belles-lettres, look at a variety of ways of future forecast, including the majority of foresight methods (2nd Ed. 1972)

1994 - 2000

Implementation of the Phare SCI-TECH I and Phare SCI-TECH II to develop the principles of modern science policy, including selected methods of foresight.

May 2002

Establishing of the Center for Decision Sciences and Forecasting in Krakow, leading henceforth systematic research in the methodology of foresight and forecasting technology

April 2003

Establishing of the Initiative Group for the preparation and implementation of the Foresight Programme in Poland by the Ministry of Science and Information Technology

2004 - 2005

The first stage of the National Foresight Programme in the field of research: "Health - Life"

2005 - 2007

Implementation of the Sub-measure 1.4.5 "Research and targeted projects in the area of monitoring and forecasting of technology development" of the Sectoral Operational Programme Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises (20 foresight projects sectoral and regional)

1 March 2007

The conference inaugurating the National Foresight Programme, Warsaw

2007 - 2009

Implementation of the National Foresight Programme


Implementation of Sub-measure 1.1.1 of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy "Research projects using the foresight method" (two calls for project applications), more at

2011 - 2015

National Foresight Programme - Implementation of results (

2016 -


Development of corporate foresight and technology roadmapping

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