2021 Strategic Foresight Report - The EU’s capacity and freedom to act

The report addresses emerging problems, uncertainties and choices that will shape the future of Europe and the world, and presents possible policy responses to the EU's open strategic autonomy.

The 10 areas have been identified thanks to the foresight process as strategic ones in order to ensure the EU’s freedom and capacity to act in the decades to come:

  1. Ensuring sustainable and resilient health and food systems
  2. Securing decarbonised and affordable energy
  3. Strengthening capacity in data management, artificial intelligence and cutting edge technologies
  4. Securing and diversifying supply of critical raw materials
  5. Ensuring first-mover global position in standard-setting
  6. Building a resilience and future-proof economics and financial systems
  7. Developing and retaining skills and talent matching EU ambitions
  8. Strengthening security and defence capacities and access to space
  9. Working with global partners to promote peace, security and prosperity for all
  10. Strengthening the resilience of institutions

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