VII National Scientific Conference "Information society. Status and trends of development in the light of regional conditions" Rzeszow, Lvov, 19-21 September 2016

The aim of the conference is to exchange experiences and present the results of research on the status and directions of development of the information society, as well as the impact of investments in information and communication technology for regional development.

Conference Organizers:

  • Department of Quantitative Methods and Economic Informatics of the Faculty of Economics, University of Rzeszów
  • Institute of Business and New Technologies, Lviv Polytechnic.

The conference topics can interest both academics as well as participants from outside academia, in particular representatives of companies from the information technology sector, regional administration and other public institutions.

As a part of the Conference, papers related to the Information Society perspectives and IT sector development in Poland will be presented during the special session on 19th September 2016. A thematic discussion on the Information Society future in Poland will also be organised.

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